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50+ Years of

Student Advocacy

Established in 1971, The University of North Carolina Association of Student Governments, also known as "UNC ASG" is a student-led organization committed to advocacy work on behalf of all 230,000+ students within the UNC System. With delegates selected from each of the seventeen UNC System campuses, UNC ASG addresses issues like access and affordability, campus safety, and student voter participation. 

Additionally, the UNC ASG President represents the student voice on the UNC Board of Governors.

UNC ASG Updates:

2023-24 Executive

Board Takes Office

The Rivas-Hamilton administration has selected and announced their new leadership team


Check out assembly legislation

Every business meeting the general assembly proposes, and reviews, and decides on the outcome of legislation.


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Welcome to the UNC Association of Student Government's Website. 

I am Estefany Gordillo-Rivas, the 52nd President of ASG and a current undergraduate student at Western Carolina University. 

UNC ASG is a student-led organization advocating for the over 240,000+ students enrolled at the 17 constituent institutions through delegations from each individual institution. The President of the organization is also the student voice on the UNC Board of Governors as an Ex-Officio non-voting member. 

Through UNC ASG, we have a hand in shaping the future and trajectory of our university system, through advocating for student well-being, campus safety and the student experience. Learn about about ASG throughout this website and don't hesitate to reach out!

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- Estefany Gordillo-Rivas

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