pow·er·ful voices (adj)extremely effective or efficient in action. 
Powerful Voices was established in the 45th Session of The UNC Association of Student Governments by the VP of Media Outreach, Tyler Hardin.
This proactive online platform serves for all UNC System students to share their ideas, concerns and solutions with university, state and federal leaders. 

A few days ago, the UNC System unveiled a new logo as the public, multi-campus university of North Carolina. As a student and a design enthusiast, I wanted to share my reaction to the newest symbol that represents the System and each of its 17 institutions.

The Sticker Price

One of the most common reactions to this rebranding is “why are they spending $250,000 on a new logo?”. Even though the initial cost is shocking, I think this question fails to recognize the purpose of design and further perpetuates the devaluation of art and graphic design. The price is not as important as the purpose and the question we shoul...

Last month, the Executive Board of the 46th Session of ASG completed their first training session along with UNC System Student Body Presidents. Students from across North Carolina collaborated to address issues on our campuses and helped create a shared vision for the upcoming school year.

During our training session, we met with President Margaret Spellings to learn about her role and share what it’s like on each of our respective campuses. Through interactions like these, students witness the UNC System’s commitment to student input. Across the system, you can see that our greatest strength is in the strong rel...

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