Government Outreach

State Advocacy


                          Representing the students of the public four-year                              institutions across the state, UNCASG meets                                  with elected officials in Raleigh to advocate for                               increased state investment in higher education

                          to ensure access and affordability to quality                                education today and tomorrow for all citizens of                          North Carolina.

Learn about the NC General Assembly


Learn about the North Carolina Governor

Contact your State Representative

Voter Mobilization


UNCASG encourages all eligible students to not only register to vote, but to be involved and informed citizens by actively engaging in the political process, researching the candidates and issues, and then voting their conscience.  This committee works to help students register to vote, locate their voting site, and advocates for voting sites on or near college campuses. For more information about voter registration in North Carolina, visit the North Carolina State Board of Elections.



Register to vote 

Find your polling place

Find information on absentee and early voting

Check your registration status


If you have concerns related to these issues or other higher education governmental issues and would

like UNCASG to address them, please contact VP for Governmental Outreach Nathaniel Jacobs.

Federal Advocacy


                        Each spring semester UNCASG travels to                                            Washington, D.C. to meet with North Carolina's                                   elected officials and advocate for the students in

                         the UNC System. Advocacy topics range from                                   financial aid and resources for returning veteran                              students, campus safety, and support for undergraduate                    research, to simplification in institutional reporting


Learn about the United States Congress

House of Representatives or Senate



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