Budget and Finance

Mission and Purpose

The Department of Budget and Finance is responsible for overseeing practices and policies relating to the fiscal management of the Association, including budget review, administration of grant programs, and other similar areas.

2020-2021 Platform
  • Manage and evaluate Association programs, including those funded by grants

  • Create new funding opportunities for students and organizations in line with the mission of the Association

  • Explore and pursue alternative funding strategies to increase Association resources

  • Establish system-wide benchmarks to help the Association and constituents evaluate performance

  • Engage in an inclusive, bottom-up budgeting process for the next fiscal year

  • Report expenditures quickly, accurately, and clearly

2020-2021 Committee

The Committee on Budget and Finance helps prepare the annual budget, review grant applications, and approve discretionary expenses. Delegates here help connect members of their campuses with funding opportunities.


Vice President of Budget and Finance

Jacob Newton (he/him/his), UNC Chapel Hill (contact)

Associate Vice President of Budget and Finance

Aaron Speyer (he/him/his), Western Carolina University (contact)


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